Tomorrow is a Fresh Start for Success

One of my favorite things about life is how tomorrow always allows us to have a fresh start. With almost everything, you can look at it that no matter what happened today you can start over tomorrow. This includes everything from missing items on your to-do list to going off track with your meal plan. 

I am excited to share my thoughts on this and how I make it work for me. My hope is after reading this and watching the attached video you will walk away inspired and with a new perspective. 

I must start by sharing that you can not dwell on your mistake or what you did not complete for the day. You can not be your worse critic but be your biggest supporter. It's fine to miss the target and try again tomorrow. The idea is you want to sit back and see how you can do it different tomorrow. Take time to look at how to prevent making the same mistake. In most cases, it's going to involve better planning. 

My First Tip

So the day has ended, and let's get ready to start fresh tomorrow. I like to take my daily work bag and unpack it and reorganize everything. Put everything back in the right folder and storage bag. Don't start tomorrow with today's mess. We are all kids at heart that love fresh new supplies at the beginning of the school year so let's apply this to your morning with a fresh start. 

If your day job set up with a desk, then let's clean it up for tomorrow. I try very hard to never leave my office at the end of the day in a mess. I put pens and pencils back where they go. I try to put my files back and have an organized to-do list to help me start fresh the next day. Coming into a fresh space makes such a difference. 

Second Tip

You have finished dinner, and the family is moving on to their next task. Take this time to pick up around your home for just a few minutes. I am not talking about anything that is going to be exhausting but take the time to clean up the kitchen, so when you wake up tomorrow, it's fresh and ready to greet you when you make that great cup of coffee in the morning. I don't know about you but I sleep better when my kitchen is clean and dishes are in the dishwasher. 

Third Tip

I find when I am in a rush in the morning I feel like I have nothing to wear but if I take the time the night before to plan my outfit I can get creative and enjoy the process. This also allows me to iron something if it's needed and saves at least 15 minutes on my time schedule. Also I find that when I plan the night before I am more creative with putting new things together. I "shop" my closet better when I have time to think and plan. 

Fourth Tip

I never let my head hit the pillow without taking the time to think about what I am grateful for. Many times I will journey a few highlights that really stood out from my day. I also take this time to write down a few things I am in prayer about. This gives me the chance to see it and believe that God will answer them for me. I put my request before Him and believe. 

Final Thoughts

You can't look at any of these items as an extra task to complete because this is your opportunity to have a successful tomorrow. They are all very simple and do not take much time. The hardest one would be picking up your kitchen but if you have your family jump in and help it can help speed the process up. Also, the benefit more than outweighs the task. 

So what are some things that might not go as planned:
  • Didn't get your workout in?
  • Meal plan off track?
  • Didn't have "Me" time?
  • Didn't feel at your best?
Here is what we do:
  • Workout- Get up earlier. Lay clothes out the night before. Take lunch and walk an indoor track or mall. Leave work and go for a walk and bring workout clothes to work. If I have to go home after work to change I find that I will never go back out. Too many things are waiting on me at home to start working on. 
  • Meal plan- Prepare the night before. This is the only thing that saves me. If I do not have my items to cook the day before I will not have a good plan and will end up in the drive through. 
  • Need "Me" time- Get up even 5 minutes early. Turn off the tv more during the day after work. Ask your family to help with chores so you can sneak away for a hot bath. Don't feel selfish for asking for "Me" time. You need it to help stay healthy and you deserve it. 
  • Not feeling your best- Look in the mirror and say out loud that you are AWESOME! Post it on the mirror and read it every day!
Now is a great time for you to watch the video I put together below that goes into a little more details on the topics I mentioned above. I hope you are able to put something in place to help you achieve the success you want from each day. Leave a comment and let me know what your struggle is you are working on!

Hope you found this helpful and I can't wait to share with you again very soon as I keep this series going for all of us. 

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