My Favorite New TUCCH Wallet iPhone Case

I have been on the hunt for a new cell phone case because I stuck a sticky card holder on the back of my current case and it came off leaving the stickiness. Its funny to be so excited about a phone case but I am very excited about this one. If you follow my YouTube channel then you know I am on the go 24/7 and the idea that I can have one case that holds everything for me is wonderful. It's hard enough trying to remember to grab my camera equipment, my GoPro, tripods, chargers, batteries and the very idea now having my phone and wallet all in one helps even more! 

This holds my cash, credit cards, and of course my cell phone. I also love that I dont have to fuss with it when I want to plug in my headphones which I use all the time. When I am traveling in the car on road trips or on planes I always use my headphones for projects or entertainment. I like to be able to get to everything easily. The charger is also opened and very easy to use. 

This case actually has its own protective storage case for the times you are not using it which for me will be never. I love this rich color of this case and it matches everything from outfits to my purses. To close the case it has a very strong magnet clasp which works great. 

The very best part of this case is the price. They are available on Amazon and the company is offering you a discount with the coupon code. 

New Cell Phone Case link HERE

Coupon code just for you!
15% off code LB39ZUQ2, expires on 10/31
(This code is applicable for all products sold in TUCCH Amazon US store)

You can also see me use this case in this week's video below! 

See you in my next post!

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