Five Tips for A Better You

I love sharing tips that I find that work for me. Grab a pen and paper and lets jump in and talk! As a working mom and wife I know the struggles that come with trying to make it all work. Plus I have a passion for my Blog and Youtube Channel which takes hours a week to keep running. 

The key is always checking in to see what is working and what is not. I promise that I do not get it right every time but I do love sharing what I have learned along the way. It is key that you have a healthy work-life balance. This could be as a student in college, a stay at home mom, or someone in the work field. Several of you are retired and its still very important to keep balance in your life. 

Lets jump right in an talk about ways to help you have a healthy balance. 

Time Budget

Years ago I was in a meeting and someone gave me a great piece of advice about making a time budget each day. This made me look at everything in such a new way. Its not just about planning your day with all the things you need to do but also set limits on the amount of time you will spend doing the task. I could easily spend hours answering emails but I give myself a set amount of time. It really does work! My planner tells me to answer emails today but my time budget shows me that I have 20 minutes to do the task. 

Set Limits

Don't set yourself up for failure by adding so many things to your to-do list that you can not accomplish them. I take my daily to-do list and add the 3 most important items and I work to accomplish them. Then I keep on eye on my to-do list items that if they were not completed its not the end of the world. I see some people make a to-do list thats a page long and then they are upset that they didn't accomplish everything. 

Just list the 3 most important items and try for the others. 

Say No...It really is ok

It took me until I was in my late 30's to discover that I could say no when asked to do something and that it was ok. So many people struggle with this but to keep balance in your life its key. I go into more details on this in my video below but "No" needs to become part of your vocabulary. 

Make Plans

I have always dreamed BIG way before anyone started talking about vision boards. I think about what I want in my future from vacations to professional goals. The key here is I have no fear holding me back when it comes to dreaming and making plans. I actually have a new dream that has truly been laid on my heart that I am believing in the Lord for and I keep before me everyday. Make plans and don't let fear hold you back! 

Making plans for vacations helps you save for it and also have something to be excited for when things get stressful. I love to day dream about what is to come. 

Click below to watch as I share my thoughts on these five tips.

Print Out 

I have made a print out for you to follow along with the video and blog post to reflect on how you are doing with each of these. Just click on the image below and then save image to your documents. Then you can print! 
Its a great idea to hold onto these and take a peak though out the next few weeks to see how you are doing. 

This might be something you want to keep in a binder because through out the remainder of the year I will be bringing more tips and worksheets for you to evaluate what areas you want to improve in. 

I hope you walked away with something from todays post that you can take and put into place for your life. See you in the next post!

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