Always Find a Way to Enjoy Everyday No Matter the Obstacle

I made a video on Monday that has a very powerful meaning and I want to share it with each of you. I had a picnic planned and from the start of the day the weather had storms forecasted all day but they seemed to be scattered. I said a little prayer that for our time during the picnic it would stop raining just long enough for us to enjoy. I was determined to have my picnic. My first lesson of the day is to always work around Mother-Nature. 

There were so many obstacles in the way of getting this picnic put together that I cannot begin to explain every detail. From the heat to the rain, to trying to pack the food, and to the lovebugs. Now that a few days have passed I can laugh when I tell you it is Lovebug season, and I had no idea. There were lovebugs everywhere, and I mean hundreds. I was not letting them take over my picnic, and I fought through it. The rain had stopped and now the lovebugs needed to go!

I had everything ready to be so perfect but no one could sit down without having 500,000 bugs try and land on them. I wanted a picture of my cheese display so we sat it down and snapped it while Trey waived his arms all around to try and keep them out of the picture. Then we quickly packed it right back up and had to take it out one at a time to eat it. Yes, I am telling you it was that crazy. We were laughing so hard. 

I found the perfect spot which was far enough away from the road but still had the wonderful view of the water. After walking away from this I learned the lesson that every plan you have might not go  as planned and it is up to you to make the best of it. We ended up laughing on our way home about how many lovebugs can actually find you and feel like they are eating you up. 

Since I did not have the chance to take a photo of everything I should tell you we had delicious panini sandwiches, chips & dip, and these yummy Eclairs.  

As you can see from the video below we had a wonderful time together. I hope you walk away from this thinking about how often you stop to enjoy the small things with your family even if the plans do not go as you expected. Make the most out of everything in your life. Don't focus on perfection and shut down the possibliities because your plans go differently than expected. 

Funny story is the next day when I went to work and brought my bag into my office I had to lovebugs fly out, all I could do was laugh! 

Next time I will be sure to check the weather and the 2 weeks out of the year that the lovebugs are at their heaviest. I defiantly see more picnics in our future! 

I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in my next post! 

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