Tips for a Successful School Year With Your Kids

Tips for a Successful School Year

Tip #1

Start the year off by reserving 45 minutes to sit down and load every event into your calendar. Be sure to have all of the calendars from class calendars to sports events. This year Eddie took the time to load everything into the Microsoft calendar and then send me an invite, so it automatically loaded on my calendar. By loading it before hand, this allows us to both be on the same page at all times. 

If your style is using a paper planner, you can still accomplish this by taking the time to write everything down at one time. You can also set up a binder to keep in one spot in your home. 

Tip #2

Make sure you have all necessary numbers loaded on your phone. You and your spouse should have one easy place to go to for everything. Remember that you have a wide range of numbers to have on hand from doctor, dentist, eye doctor, orthodontist, and so on. There are so many numbers and names to have on hand but if you start the year of organized you will have it made. 

Some people like to keep this information in a binder, and that is fine. If you use the binder method, this would be the time to sit down and load all of your contacts. 

Tip #3

Have one spot where all school supplies are kept, and the kids can access them quickly. There should be no excuse as to why they were unable to put a new pencil or notebook in their book bag for school the next day. 

Tip #4

Right from the very start you need to lay down the rules and expectations. We have our list hanging on the refrigerator, so Trey knows right where to go if there is ever a question on playing video games during the week. Also, I have the consequences laid out which causes me to have to keep my word, and I can not be sweet-talked out of it. 

Tip #5

Have a system in place on how you will check homework. Will your child need to bring you their homework once it's completed? Do they have a time they must start by which allows them time to get a snack? This year we expect Trey to do his homework every night, and we check the website once a week to make sure there are no zeros due to lack of turning it in. 

Tip #6

Go ahead and have a tutor in place. Once you find out you need a tutor, you are already behind. Then it takes additional time to find one and interview them to make sure it's the right fit. Also, you need to know how much they charge and if that can fit into your budget. Adding a tutor to your budget is not easy. For our middle school tutor, the price range was between $30.00-$50.00 an hour, and we did this once a week. Take that total and multiply it by four times a month which can be between $120.00 and up to $200.00 extra dollars a month AND that is just for one subject. 

Tip #7 

On Sunday sit down and come up with a plan for the week so they can take part in picking it out. There is nothing worse than having a ham sandwich every single day of the week. Let them choose when they want to by and when they want to take their lunch. 

Tip #8

Have one spot where they do their homework. We can not sit in front of the tv with the noise and expect Trey to be able to stay focuses on his work. We have a quiet spot in the dining room for Trey to work. I also share in my video additional tips on how to help with this. 

Tip #9

Know what chores they will have but remember their primary focus needs to be school. I do not give Trey many chores at all during the school year. I want good grades. I also want him to have time to be involved in extra activities to help him be a well-rounded student. 

Tip # 10

Find time to talk. Don't let life get so busy that the car ride home is silent. Also, don't have a quiet dinner. This doesn't mean they have to talk about school but find something to say so a wall doesn't develop between you. 

Tip #11

Have a good breakfast ready for them. Trey does not like to eat much in the morning, but I make sure I have something I know he enjoys. This lets him put a little something on his stomach. 

Come take a look here at some of the ideas! 

See you in my next post! 

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