Tips for Multiple Ways to Use Vinegar In Your Home

Vinegar took me a while to get over the smell of but as soon as I saw the amazing benefits I was hooked. I love the idea of having one bottle that has so many different ways to use it. 

Tip #1
Use a cup of vinegar with your towels. Its amazing how it will pull out any odors. Your towels will come out smelling fresh and like they were just purchased. 

Tip #2
Jet Tubs
We do not use our jets in our master bathroom tub very often and I find it can have build up that can cause odors. I fill the tub up with just enough water to cover the jets and I put in one cup of vinegar. I run the jets for 5 minutes and allow them to have a good clean out. 

Tip #3
I use vinegar in my mop water to give my bathroom floor a deep cleaning. I like to use this because it cuts through any build up of dust and odor. Sometimes I will go back over it with Mr. Clean disinfecting solution to also kill germs. You don't have to mop twice but I want to make sure its really clean. 

Tip #4
If you cook something in your kitchen that leaves a strong odor just sit a bowl of vinegar on the counter over night and it will actually absorb the order. Pour it out in the morning and by the time you come home the cooking odor and the smell of vinegar will be gone. Light a nice fresh candle and you are set. The extra benefit to this is when you are finished and you pour it down the sink it cuts out any odors in the drain. Its a two for one tip!

Tip #5
The microwave can be one of the hardest appliances to clean but here is a tip to help. Create a vinegar steam bath by placing a bowl of one part water and one part vinegar and cooking it in 1 minute cycles to help loosen the stuck on items. 

Tip #6
If you have an odor that has built up in your refrigerator you can do one of two things. You can sit a bowl of vinegar on the shelf and leave it one night. It will absorb the odor and the next morning you are ready to start fresh. You can also wipe out the shelves to help clean it. 

Tip #7
Potty Training is always a hard task as there are little spots that will sometimes not even show up. Its always a great idea to mop around the toilet more than usual but also keep a little bottle to spray it down and wipe it. Cuts right through the smell. 

Tip #8
I love to clean my mirrors with 1 part water and 1 part vinegar. 

Tip #9
A great way to get strong food odors off of your hands is to wash them with vinegar. Then I just follow up with a nice scented soap. Don't get me wrong this is not something I do daily but only when I really need after cooking with things like seafood. 

Tip #10
My final tip is to wipe your scissor blades down with vinegar to remove any sticky yucky things that come from who knows where. This will help them not rust like normal soap and water. 

Hope you enjoyed these tips and I will see you next time! 

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