Bows, Ribbons and That Special Touch DIY

I love all things pretty and I would never think of bringing something to an event, party, or meeting in a simple way. Take a look at how I took a Dollar Tree Tray and made it into a pretty platter to serve treats on during a business meeting. I also took this ice tub that I picked up on clearance from Target for $3.88 this past week. I found one online that looks like this one that you can see here- Ice Bin.

I love how it only took a hot glue gun, ribbon, and a plate from the Dollar Trey to create this cute serving tray for my meeting. Be sure to watch the video link below to see the step by step direction how to make this. Here is a link to black and white striped ribbon like mine- Ribbon

I went with a black and white theme but you could go with color. If this was going to sit out by the pool I would go with bright bold colors. If it was Christmas of course you know I would go with green and red! 

Here is how the water bin looked just before I walked into my meeting. I had it filled with ice and chilled waters. It was a hit for that type of meeting that runs over into lunch time. You can find bottled water here- Water

The snack tray was adorable and was the extra special touch I wanted. I love the way the black and white polka dots and stripes play off of each other. You can use any type of granola bar like these- Bars

This will be my way I would bring in special treats every week to a my meeting. So cute! 

It really is very easy to put that special touch on everything you do! Best of all is how it can always be done within a budget. 

Come along and take a look at this tutorial video on how I put these together. You can also see how they look just before walking into my meetings. 

See you in my  next post! 

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