Open House Party Plus Youtube Video

I am not a party planner by profession but one of my responibilities  is to handle the events my company puts together. I work with an amazing group of ladies that help me accomplish this and its always so much fun. 

This event was no different as it needed to be beautiful and fun as we held a ribbon cutting for one of our new offices. 

The color scheme of the office is orange and gray and I love how the florist was able to accomplish pairing the flowers with pops of orange. 

Can we talk about this cheese tray that the caterer put together.......I do not even know where to start with what I love more. From the pops of color of the fruit with grapes and raspberries. The silver cheese utensils were the perfect match with the rustic cheese board. All I can say is, "Yes please!"

From this point on I will always use blackberry, blueberries, and raspberries to decorate my cheeseboards. Such a pop of color but I also love how it makes the color of the cheese pop right off the board. 

I love how she put the fruit out in a way that each type spoke for itself. The green, blue, and purple colors were so rich and you could not help yourself but add some to your plate. 

Now we are on to desserts and would you believe that each one of these treats were homemade. They were amazing from Keylime Mini Cheesecakes to Brownie Bites. It was fun to see people circle this end of the table several times. 

The scissors and ribbon was ready for the fun events. 

I love the people I work with. I am such a believer of surrounding yourself with good people but you should always make a point to help bring sunshine their way more than you expect it to come your way. I love how they just naturally are filled with sunshine! 

This was such a fun event and I am happy to say that everyone who attended really enjoyed it! This one is complete and checked off the list! You can take a look at the video below for a little look into the fun! 

See you next time in my next blog post! 

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