Nightstand Organization Tips

It's the last place you go to at the end of the day - your bed! 

It's important how you spend that last little bit before you head off to sleep! Having an organized nightstand is important - whether you have a small or large one. Also it doesn't matter the size of your home or bedroom. Your nightstand is there to help you have the most important things next to you before going off to sleep. I want to share my tips for getting your nightstand organized so you can have a a great night of sleep. 

My nightstand has always been an area that I make sure I keep clean and organized. There is something about resting with no clutter around me that helps me sleep better. I know this will help you also. 

First step is to remove everything from your nightstand and lay it out where you can see it. Take a look at each item and see if it really serves a purpose sitting in your nightstand or did you just toss it in there because you aren't sure where else to put it. 

If thats the case its time to toss it or give it a new home. Remember that your night stand has the primary purpose of storing items that you need during the night. 

Take time to really think about what you want to put back in the drawer.  There is no judgement when I say this but its not a storage unit. No matter the size of your home and bedroom we can come up with better ways to store items. 

Also think about what you put on the top of your night stand. I love to have a candle on my nightstand that I can light just before I take a hot bath after a full day at work. I have one small trinket item on the top because I really enjoy looking at it each day. I try to keep as much clutter off as possible. 

I hope all of these tips have helped you and please leave a comment below and let me know if you take on this challenge. Lets have your nightstand look amazing! 

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