Lunch at Dauphin's a New Hot Spot

Today we ran to grab lunch at a new restaurant that opened in my city and I was amazed every time I turned the corner. It all started when I saw this amazing picture that is made out of Mardi Gras beads. The entire picture is 100% beads! I could not find a better picture to represent my hometown. 

I was so impressed I of course had to have a picture next to it. I love everything about it from the idea of the beads to the color scheme. I am sure that don't love the idea of people walking up and touching it but you just can't help yourself. 

Look closely at the sky and the moon as the different colors of the beads just flow and look so realistic. I just love it! 

Then it was time to have lunch since that was the reason we were there after all. The restaurant is called Dauphin's and its on the 34th floor of one of the business buildings downtown. I have to admit that I could have stayed all day and enjoyed the view. 

I wish I could just pack up my laptop and sit at this table all day. I find when I am anywhere with an amazing view that my mind goes into overload with creative thoughts. I honestly keep a small notebook on me at all times just to write everything down so I don't forget. Then I just need the time to put them into place, but don't we all. The view is all the way around the restaurant and its just breath taking. 

The color scheme of the restaurant is very calming and each of the tv's play the fish tank scene which really adds to the theme. See that brown chair in the pack of the photo that looks out the window? I would pay to rent that spot for the day! 

Lets talk about food since this is a restaurant after all! I started with the Lobster Bisque which was good but I am not a tomato base fan. I love a gumbo style or a white cream base. For anyone that likes tomato base soups this would be a hit! I also love the attention to detail with the sour cream poured gently on the top. 

I also had the fish tacos and potato waffle fries which I loved! They were just amazing. I love to get a side of ranch for my fries when they are the large waffle size like these and it just sends them over the top. Also this was the first time I squeezed fresh lime juice over the top of my fish tacos and it really bumped up the flavor. I really need to use fresh lime in more of my recipes. Be sure to leave me a comment and tell me if you enjoy a splash of lime?

When they asked if we would like dessert I am proud to say I did not order any but my sweet treat to the end of the meal was just sitting back and enjoying this view. I love this view! 

The dark rain clouds started rolling in and it reminded me of the Garth Brooks song "Thunder Rolls." Can you hear the song as you look at the photo below?

Great lunch and amazing view! To come along and see more be sure to take a look at the video below! 

Have an awesome week! 

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