Yes You Are Seeing Spots

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

If you have followed my Blog or Youtube channel then you know that I have a passion for the way I set my table each night for dinner. I love to cook but my favorite part is how I display food on my table for my family and friends to enjoy. 

I have shared my tip before on how you can enjoy a different plate setting without breaking the bank. If I find a plate set that I absolutely love I will purchase two. One for me and one for Eddie so we can enjoy together. The kids don't mind what they eat on as long as dinner is good! This allows me to set a nice table for Eddie and myself to enjoy. It also allows me to enjoy a beautiful table. 

Even with something as simple as Pizza Night I make it fun! We all work so hard each day that you should get to come home and enjoy your nice things. Something as simple as pink ribbon should be considered as using your "nice things!" I love having my Target $3.oo stripped pitcher out. 

If you love the pink plaid plates as much as I do then you must visit - The Preppy Paper Girl on Etsy here or you can find her on Instagram at Iboriginals. I love everything she sells!

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