Steak Taco Night Styled My Favorite Way

Welcome Friends, 

Its all in the extra touches which really only take a few minutes. I have a passion for all things dishes and entertaining! 

This week we had Steak Taco night and I have everything out and prepared for everyone to make their tacos with the toppings they would like. I just love the way the table decor turned out. I promise it doesn't take long to put this together and it makes your family and guest feel special. I could just stare at it all day!

I went to a local fabric store a few weeks ago and in the clearance section they had this yellow fabric with the Blue Willow vases on it and I had to have it. I simply purchased fabric glue and took care of the sides so the edges were clean. Really just that simple. 

I believe one of the easiest things you can do to dress up your table is place the side items in little ramekins. I have shared this before but you can pick them up at Pier 1 for a very good price. It helps keep things clean and easy as you prepare your plate instead of lots of big containers everywhere. 

The plates you see above are also from Pier 1 and they are one of my new favorites with the bamboo sides. I also purchased a set of bamboo silverware that are not in the photo but they match them perfectly. 

I hope you have found inspiration from this post. I need simple and fast but I also want to use my special items all the time and enjoy them and it it really is possible! 
Have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to share with you again in my next post!

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