PinchMe Subscription Box and Its Free!

Going with the theme of the current popular trend of subscription boxes are a number of services that allow their members to try new products for free in return for reviews and feedback on the things that you try.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail – that’s probably why subscription boxes are so popular – but what makes these review services so cool is that you can receive fun things in the mail for free!
PINCHme.com is a review service and they asked if I would give it a try and share my thoughts with you I felt this would be perfect for each of you because its free and so many of you are like me and we love to sample products.  

To join, you will just visit this link- http://pmgi.go2cloud.org/SHGh 

Then fill out a series of questions to help match you up with the brands and samples that are right for you.  One Tuesday per month new samples are released at 12pm ET.  On sample day, members can log into their account and claim any samples available to them.  Some members may be able to claim up to 8 samples per month and others 3-4.  Sometimes there will be no samples available if there are no brands providing samples that match up to the information you provided in your member profile.
For example, if you have children you may qualify for things like diaper cream, baby shampoo, or diapers.  If you have pets you may qualify for pet food, toys, or treats, etc.

Once your box with your samples arrives, log into your account again and fill out a survey about what you thought of the products you tried.

Here is a look at my box. I received a premium box with an assortment of some of the samples that have been available recently on PINCHme.  Please know that the usual size of the box you will receive from a PINCHme membership might not be this large or contain this many samples.  This is a  box for the purposes of showing you some of the things you might be able to receive for free.

I think this is a fun idea and something each of you would enjoy taking part in! If you think this is something you would like just follow this link- http://pmgi.go2cloud.org/SHGh 

I hope you enjoyed taking  look into this months PinchMe box! See you next time. 

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