I Love Using Blue Willow Dishes to Set a Table

Welcome Friends….

I have always enjoyed the Blue Willow pattern but recently since HomeGoods has had more of the pieces available at a very reasonable price I have had the chance to add more to my collection. This week we had Fish Tacos which have to be one of our new favorites. I really enjoyed laying everything out and using the Blue Willow pattern dishes. 

I honestly believe that one of the keys to making dinner special is how you sit everything out. I use ramekins to sit out all of the extra side items that will be going along with my dinner. You can pick these up from many different stores but the two I am showing in the picture below were both from Target and Pier 1. 

I believe they each cost less then $2.00. If you are already pulling out salsa and cheese why not take one extra minute and place it in a ramekin so it looks a little nicer - very easy tip! I pulled an example of some here from Pier 1. 

I made the marble serving board and you can see a tutorial on how to make one here.  It is very easy to do and with so many high end stores selling them for around $100.00 each I just had to make one. Look at how serving on them really takes the table up and the biggest tip is that it helps catch spills which is a big help to me. 

Leave me a comment below if you would like me to share how I make my fish tacos. Its very easy and Trey will eat four of them if I let him! I have always been afraid of cooking fish on the stovetop but I have it down now. 

We love to serve ours with so many things but here we had sauce, cheese, tomatoes, salsa, and spring salad mix. You can use olives, avocados, and so much more.  

I like to use the smaller shells which make it easy to keep everything inside of them as you roll them up and eat. Also the vase behind the shells was at HomeGoods this week in the clearance department for $10.00 instead of $29.99 - now that was a real win!

Ok, here is my biggest secret of all.........are you ready? The runner is fabric that I found in a local fabric store. I used fabric glue, folded the sides evenly and ironed. Thats it and I love it! I could not run over to it fast enough when I saw it hanging on the bolt. Can you believe how amazing it looks with the table?

When I served dinner I thought it would be fun to continue mixing it up just a little and I used my new yellow plaid dishes from HomeGoods. I LOVED how the yellow plaid went with the Blue Willow pattern. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think! 

I hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out my Youtube channel and subscribe so you never miss out on ideas like this! 

See you next time Friends! 

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