Graduation Time and the Next Chapter of Life

Welcome Friends….

We had a pretty big week as we celebrated 8th grade graduation. Where on earth did the time go that our Trey is going to start high school this fall? I have to tell you that I wake up everyday just amazed at how the Lord blessed us with an amazing daughter and son. I am so very grateful! 

I also can not go without mentioning how much I appreciate that Eddie, Dallas, and Trey all understand the passion I have with my Blog and Youtube channel and are going along with me on this adventure. I have mentioned this before but I really feel this is a direction the Lord has me going in. I can not tell you how much it touches my heart that people take the time to email me and tell me how I brightened their day or how they felt like they were in a slump but now they are taking time to pull out their pretty things and enjoy them. If I am able to put a smile on someones face during a difficult time then my job here on earth is going in the right direction. 

With all that said I have to make sure my family knows how much appreciate them always letting me pull out my camera and take pictures and videos. If you could hear what it sounds like having to be around me you would really laugh. "Hold on while I grab the camera before you eat that!!!!"

Lets take a minute and travel down memory lane shall we......

Here we are during Halloween in our military fighter costume. We were always in some type of military costume during each Halloween! 

Little Birthday Boy in 1st grade as the class took part in celebrating his Birthday with cupcakes! 

The two pictures above mean the world to me. I trained for 16 weeks to run the Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon and Trey and Eddie were right there to cheer me on. They ran around the city to see me at different check points. 

Starting with mile one and then after running 5 miles I was really hot and tired. I came upon a beautiful historical church and there they were cheering me on. I literally started crying as I ran by them because I was so relieved to see them. I saw them again at mile 8 and then at the end of the 13.1 miles. The biggest and best cheerleaders ever. 

You can see that blog post HERE for details on that day. 

I love this picture because Trey took my camera when I didn't know it and took this picture. He is so cute!! If he only knew then that I would be sharing our story with the world each week!

This was this past Christmas and all I can say is that this boy loves his mom. He is such an amazing son! I can not wait to see how the Lord uses him to make a difference in the world!

The chapel looked beautiful for the service and it was hard to believe it would be our last time in there as the parents of an 8th grader. As soon as the service was over we would have a high school student on our hands! 

They did it! 

Such a very special night as we celebrated this special event in Trey's life! 

So I can only imagine you would not be surprised that I would ask to wear the hat because I always thought  it would be amazing to be an Azalea Trail Maid.  She was so sweet to let me wear it and live in that moment for a few seconds! 

I am so proud of each and every one of them! Congratulations and many blessings! 

Come along with us as we take his adventure! Click the video link below. 

See you next time! 

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