Ashley Shelly Budget Notebook Review and Giveaway

One of my favorite parts about having a Blog and Youtube channel is having the opportunity to share new fun things with each of you. I recently discovered the Budget Notebook from Ashley Shelly and I was very excited to share it. 

Since 2013 I have tracked every receipt I have and can tell you how much we spend on groceries, eating out, utilities and the extra items. The idea of knowing where my hard earned money is going is something I enjoy tracking. 

I love that this notebook has everything you need it in to track your spending, savings, and debt payoff. The size is perfect also as it will fit right in your purse. 

Budgeting is fun, and the freedom it gives you is an amazing feeling.
-Size 5″ wide X 8″ tall
-40 full color pages inside
-Cover stock is a durable linen
-Inside pages are 80lb thickness and smooth as butter!
The notebook will last for 13 months on a monthly budget, 6 months on a bi-weekly budget, and 3 months on a weekly budget.
CONTENTS include pages to write:
-All Bills List
-Savings Tracker
-Financial Goals
-Purchase Wish List
-13 Full Spread Layouts for Budgeting
-Debts Overview
-Debt Repayment Plans (7)

There are different patterns to pick from which is part of the fun. From a marble look to floral and then dots, you can pick which one you like the most. 

Some of the first pages you’ll see are the All Bills List and the Savings page. Here’s a preview of those pages:

Next, you’ll see the main portion of the Budget Notebook which is this spread:

This is the area where you will be doing your weekly/bi-weekly/monthly budgeting. These 2 pages will be your new best friend! I check in with mine daily to stay on track and not stressed at all with my budget.
Towards the back section, you’ll find an amazing group of pages that will help you plan an attack on your debts! Debt can consume your mind and create so much worry, but it doesn’t have to. If you make a solid plan, you can delete your debt. These pages will help you do it:

To enter the Giveaway there are just three easy steps you need to take. Log onto Instagram. 
1. Follow@AshleyShelly
2. Follow @Mrs.blessed101
3. Leave a comment under the photo below that is listed on my page on Instagram and tell me why you need this notebook. 

I will announce a winner on Friday, June 17th so GOOD LUCK! 

Have a wonderful week and see you next time! 

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