Whats for Dinner Week Twelve Series

Welcome to my What's for Dinner Weekly Series where I hope you walk away with ideas for meals for your family. It can be very hard to be creative with what you will be brining to the table for dinner each night but also preparing something fast! Even though Summer is right around the corner we will still be very busy. 

Trey will be in full swing with high school football practice. Eddie will be busy with work and not only do I have work but I am very involved with my Blog and Youtube channel. I produce a video and post every 2 to 3 days so you can only imagine what a busy schedule that is. I have also decided to go back to college and further my education with a degree in Business Management. Yes, I am also wondering how on earth I will do it all but I love to stay busy and with this schedule busy I will be! 

I love Taco night at home and its one of those dishes if I have everything laid out and ready Eddie can make for us if I had work. This week I added a little bit of a twist with making Beef Empanadas.  In most cases you make your pie round and fold the piece over but I wanted larger Empanadas so I made a top and bottom layer. Let me know if you would like me to share this recipe with you. 

Since I had so many of the taco items still on hand I did not want them to go to waste. I made one of Trey's favorite dishes. I will absolutely be sharing this one soon because it is so simple but my family feels we are having something new and different when I make this and not just taco night. I call these my Taco Biscuits. 

This was one of the best salads. I would also be happy to share this one with you. I love the mixture of a Spring Salad and when topped with grilled chicken, cranberries, pecans, feta cheese, and more it can only be a hit! 

This recipe is from the Dashing Dish and it is her low calorie weight watchers enchiladas. You will have to visit her site at www.dashingdish.com for the details but the secret is white beans mashed instead of cream cheese and Trey has no idea. He loves them and I have to agree! 

Tonight was left overs from the previous night with the enchiladas. I never want to waste when possible. I made a large sadie salad with the left over spring salad mix but just did not share it in the photo. 

Tonight we had my Homemade Hamburger Helper which is a #1 hit in my home. Here is the recipe so you can make it. Youtube Link Here. Blog Link Here.  I promise you family will love this and there is always enough for lunch the next day. 

Here is my Hoison Glazed Honey Salmon which is one of my favorite dishes. You can see the blog link here.  I think this is one I need to share on my channel in the near future. Its the perfect Summer dish. 

Here I made a before dinner treat with homemade guacamole and severed in my recent new purchased. I will have a link up very soon with this video and details and you can find the details in under my Recipe link on my blog. 

Take a look here at all the details from this week! 

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