Visiting Sucre in New Orleans for the Weekend

Let me start by welcoming you to my blog! We recently took a trip to New Orleans for the weekend so we could enjoy a Tea Party for my Great Aunts' 90th Birthday. I absolutely love weekend getaways with Eddie. Just the idea of packing a suitcase and getting away from our busy life and schedule makes me so happy. 

Our first stop had to be to Sucre which is one of my favorite macaroon stores in New Orleans. I love the way all of the colors are displayed and it makes me want to try one of each. 

Ok is your mouth watering yet? I thought so! 

Who would have ever thought you could dip a macaroon into chocolate and top with gold! 

Not sure what a Macaron is? They are dainty and charming! Macarons are the most elegant sandwich cookie you will ever meet, a delicate meringue that comes in a variety of creative flavors with decadent fillings like high quality chocolate, ganache, and buttercream. Beloved by the French, especially in Paris, macarons have become trendy to serve, popping up at brunches, bridal showers, and wedding dessert tables. And they make a delightful morning treat with a cup of tea!

I must admit I really like the plain vanilla best. There is something about the simple favor of it that I love. My second choice would be the Salted Carmel because I love the mixture of sweet and salty. If I was forced to pick one more.......as if you could ever be forced........I would go with the chocolate! 

Macaroons are the one cookie I have not tried to make yet because fear is holding me back. It seems simple enough but to make one it involves using egg whites, powdered sugar, sugar, and almond flour. 
Macarons require more pastry chef finesse to make than most cookie recipes. There is even a special word (macaronage) for folding the dry ingredients in with the egg whites because it’s such a difficult craft to master! Achieving the perfect texture, domed tops and the crinkled ruffle (called a foot in baking terms) can be difficult if any little element is off in this complicated recipe. People tell me that even if you’re an experienced baker and follow a recipe down to the letter, don’t be disappointed if it takes you a few batches to get it right.

As you can see there are so many flavors and it makes you want to try one of each. I love the color combos and to be honest they make such a great gift because the packaging is amazing. 

They also make many other types of desserts from cakes to pies and even personalize size goodies. 

This cake reminds me of everything Tiffany and there has to be a pretty piece of jewelry involved. 

You can see above just how cute the packaging is with the little purses for the purchase of one macaroon to the little candy boxes. I think packaging can really take an item over the top and these little boxes win me over. 

The cupcakes are almost to pretty to eat! 

If you are ever in New Orleans you have to stop by this little shop. I love the look and style just as much as the sweet treats! 

Be sure to take a look at the video link below and come on the adventure with us! 

See you next time friends! 

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