Little Trip to Minneapolis

This past week I had a business trip to go on which meant flying to Minneapolis. I love taking this trip downtown Minneapolis is beautiful. I love the look of the historic buildings and the way everyone is coming and going which makes it so alive. 

The morning of the trip I started with a wonderful cup of coffee before starting my packing and used my new favorite cup. The quote is amazing and one we should all put on our mirrors to see every morning. "Decide what you want to be and go be it!"

This has to be one of my most favorite table settings to date. I love the colors and it says everything Spring and Summer. 

Before leaving I made sure Trey had plenty of his favorite treats. He loves these little cafe bites from Costco that I recently purchased. Always place little treats like his in a special dish and enjoy them. Try not to leave them in the container stored in your pantry. As I always say, "Live everyday pretty!"

As I was leaving I saw this amazing flower in my neighborhood. I love to capture these little moments just to remember how blessed I feel. 

There is just something so amazing about flying in the clouds and seeing the wonder of God. I never get nervous flying and I think thats why. I am always staring out the window taking in how amazing His work is. I watch some people holding onto the seat as tight as possible when we hit bumps and I am just looking at how amazing the view is. 

Speaking of a view, my hotel room had the most amazing view of the downtown area. I loved seeing the sun come up and the sun go down. The way the colors hit the buildings was amazing. 

The building actually turned gold with the sunlight beaming off it. The little white dot is the moon which as the night went on became larger and just stunning. 

Each day it was just better and better. I found it so relaxing after a very busy day of meetings. I wish I could bottle it up and take it home with me. 

Be sure to go to my Facebook page which is linked Here and leave a comment under this photo to be entered to win one of the mask that I tried on my trip. You just need to follow my Youtube Channel and Facebook Page along with leaving a comment to be entered to win. 

I love taking a mask on trips with me because after the flying, driving, and running around I found it really makes a difference. This one was so cute with the name but it really worked. 

For Mothers Day I received this stunning dress which was purchased from Stein Mart. I absolutely love it. Its a blue satin with white tulips and is my new favorite dress. 

We had a few minutes one evening to run outside and take the view. I love how the downtown is full of shopping, restaurants, corporate business, and residential living. The weather was amazing to just walk around and take everything in. 

This little pub looked like a really fun place and I wish we had more time to visit. It reminded me of the pub Eddie and I sat in on our recent cruise. I enjoyed sitting there for hours just talking and talking with him and seeing this building reminded me of that time. Its times like this that I wish he could come on this trip with me. Also I would love to show him the Mall of America. We love exploring things like that together and I would love to see his reaction.  

After two days of business we were back on our way home. I was ready to see my boys. 

We had one patch of bad weather but thank goodness it was to the right of us and we took off to the left. Can you imagine flying through that- yikes! 

Come take a look at the video below and follow me on the trip! Hope you enjoy! 

See you next time! 

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