Gift Caddy Ideas for Mother's Day to Housewarming

I absolutely love the idea of a gift basket filled with lots of special gifts from fresh baked items to goodies that were picked out just for that special someone. This year for Mother's Day I put together two different baskets for my mom and Eddie's mom. Let me show you just how easy and fun they were to do. 

To start you will need to decide if you want to add any type of embellishment to your buckets and caddy. I knew I wanted to go with a monogram look. Maybe down the line when I perfect my painting skills I will add the three letter style monogram but for this year I went with the first letter of their last name. 

I went to Michaels for my supplies and they had so many items to pick from. I knew I wanted to go with a white letter, orange buckets, and green ribbon. I think that says everything Summer! 

Target has both of these style buckets in their dollar section at this time. I believe I paid $3.00 for one and $5.00 for the other. 

Your first step is to paint on your monogram and let dry. Here is the wonderful thing about these buckets, if you mess up just wipe it right off. If you go out of the lines just a little let it dry and then scratch off the extra paint. I love how easy the buckets are to work with. 

I used the Martha Stewart paints and a very cheap sponge brush. I also found it really helped to tape on your letter to hold it in place. 

Not to bad for my first time! 

Then it was time to fill my Cleaning Caddy's with cleaning supplies. Since I went with a green ribbon theme I had to have these products from the Meyers Cleaning line. I loved how they popped with the green color. Its the little things like this that make such a difference. 

I am sure you would agree that everyone can always use fresh linens for their kitchen. I love adding new towels and replacing my old ones so I felt this would be a perfect addition to the caddy. 

HomeGoods is the best place to purchase new linens because this pack of 4 were only $7.99 and they are very nice. Try to go with a neutral color so it will match anyones kitchen colors. I love that these were white and tan. 

The caddy's were set and ready and after making them I wished I had an extra for myself! I do plan to update mine in the very near future. 

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to tie a bow on mine or wrap it and you can clearly see how special they looked wrapped up with a big bow tied around them. 

The second caddy was a breakfast in bed style caddy with little kitchen goodies. I filled the jars with fresh orange juice and muffins that I baked that morning. I also picked the juice container from Target. The measuring bowls and strawberry colander were from HomeGoods. 

I also picked up the little plates from the Target Dollar Spot and love how cute there were. A pack of 4 were only $3.00. The pink and orange colors matched perfectly and the other two plates were blue and green which also looked great. 

Everyone absolutely loved them and they were a hit! Take a look below at the video so you can see step by step on how to make your own!

See you next time everyone! 

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