Dinner at Mr. B's Bistro in New Orleans

I hope you have had a chance to see our adventure in New Orleans last week when we took a little trip to celebrate my Great Aunts 90th Birthday. I thought I would share a few pictures from dinner that Saturday night at Mr. B's Bistro. 

I must tell you that this boy just gets more handsome every single day. He has to be one of the most polite young men I have ever met in my life, and thats not just because he is my son! 

Dinner starts with a loaf of bread that is brought out in a wrapped up bag which you can see below. It was hot out of the oven which made the butter just melt all over it. Bread before dinner can be my weakness without a doubt.

I started with a trio of soups as my appetizer. One was gumbo, then chicken and sausage, and a crawfish based soup. I love the idea of trying miniature items instead of having to pick just one. 

Eddie really enjoyed their salad wedge. I am going to recreate this at home because when you think about it this type of salad is very easy to put together. 

The gumbo was good but has a dark roux and I really enjoy a light roux. The flavor is not as strong with a light roux. 

The scallops were wonderful but a little hard to share with only two. I must say that it should have been listed as an individual portion for a single person instead of an appetizer for the table. Eddie gave his up just so Trey and I could have one each. I suggested we split one in half but due to the size there was just no way to do that. Other than that I loved them. 

We had the best seat in the house which was a little booth in the corner. The window was there and the cushion pushed up against the wind wand made a window seat. I loved sitting here because we could people watch as they walked by and there was a lot to see. 

If there are Shrimp and Grits on the menu then you can bet that will be what Eddie orders. He thought these were good but they did have a rich taste which caused you to not want to eat as much. It was one of those items that he enjoyed but would not order again.

Trey had the Filet with Truffle butter which he ate every last bite of. He is without a doubt a growing boy that enjoys a good steak. 

I had the New Orleans style BBQ Shrimp which were good but due to how messy they were I would not order again. The bread dipped in the gravy was amazing and could have been a meal to itself. Also I really do not like the idea that the shrimp come out with the heads still on, it just really turns me off from being something appetizing. 

Then it was time for dessert. I never want to end a meal like this without having dessert.  The menu was so cute and it really was hard to pick just one. 

This made me wish we were on we were on a cruise where it was just natural to order two desserts and now one said anything. Also the person next to you lived 5,000 miles away from you and could not tell anyone else that knows you that you ordered two desserts. Cruise desserts always feel like they are free of calories!!!

I had the white chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce. It was very yummy. 

Trey always orders the same thing when it comes to dessert, Vanilla Ice Cream! Sometimes its not on the menu and he will put in a special request with the chef. They always deliver and bring him a bowl. 

Eddie had the Lemon Iceboxes Pie which was good and not very tart. Normally Eddie enjoys a piece of Keylime Pie and I always take a bite to see if it compares to mine. I have to admit that I make the best Keylime Pie ever!

The blog post can only end with a delicious picture of White Chocolate Brownie with ice cream melting over it as it came hot out of the oven! Makes you want some right!! Be sure to take a look below at our trip! 

See you next time! 

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