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 The laundry room often gets neglected and can quickly turn into a dumping zone.If you do laundry often just like I do then you spend a fair amount of time in your laundry room.  It is so much easier and more enjoyable to do this chore when its clean and organized. For my first video in my Cleaning Series I felt like we had to start with the laundry room!

One of my first tips is to purchase an area rug for your laundry room that changes the look and give the room a fresh new style. Area rugs in this size go on sale all time and are very easy to pick up in multiple styles and colors. 

I picked up the one in the photo above from the At Home store recently. 

I also picked up a new rug for the entrance from the door. I wanted something that was durable and could withstand the traffic coming in from the garage. I found this one at Target for $8.99. 

I was in need of a new laundry basket and Homegoods is the best place to pick these up. The one above was only $19.99 and is actually much larger than it appears in the photo. I also love that I can wash the cloth liner to help keep it fresh. 

Add accessories to the walls at add a little character. This can easily be done on a budget. Watch for sales and make sure you use your store coupons. Most coupons can be pulled right up from your phone while you are in the store. 

You will see in my video below that I am a huge believer in a few quick steps that will help you keep your laundry room clean. 

1. Take a couple minutes to wipe down the exterior of your washer and dryer with your favorite cleaner to get the lint and dust off your machines.  Sweep under and around the machines often.  Be sure to wipe out your washer and remove any laundry soap that might have caked up on the machine to help prevent rusting. Take a look at your space and look for ways to make this space more efficient, organized, and user-friendly.

2. Take powders out of boxes and put them in clear containers for a more decorative and uniform look.

3. If you don't have a lot of space then use the top of your dryer for storage.  

4. Remove any non-laundry or unnecessary items.  If your laundry room has become a storage room for non-laundry items, put them where they belong. Of course you can store items in your laundry room but have a system in place for the items. 

Take a look at my video that I have put together to help you with your laundry room system. 

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