Whats for Dinner Week Ten

I just can not start this weeks dinner plan without starting off by mentioning my new pineapple items that I added to my dining room. They just make me happy every single time I walk by them. 

Trey wanted a Taco Pie and sometimes it can be very hard to find the kit with everything in it so I wanted to share that it is very easy to put together on your own. All that you will need is meat, seasoning, shells, and a jar of cheese. Just cook everything like you would for your taco shells but instead layer your pie. Then I top with cheese!

Monday morning coffee is always better when it is set out with all of your pretty things! 

We are trying very hard to get more fruits and vegetables in our diet plan. On this night I made premartinated chicken wings from Costco and added a delicious fruit salad. 
I also made one of my favorite treats which is hummus topped with feta and green onions. I like to eat it with Wheat Thins or Pita Chips. 

I enjoying making homemade pizza with the Flat-out break because it only has 90 calories. I love to use spaghetti  sauce and top with pepperoni and pineapple. 

This really is very fresh and healthy lunch or dinner. Its perfect when paired with a salad because its so light. 

Shrimp Taco night is always a huge hit for everyone in my house. 

While shopping at Costco recently I picked up this Peppered Beef from the PF Changs line. I do have to say it is not something I will purchase again because it was a little to spicy for me. 

The food might not have been my favorite but how amazing is this bowl! 

You Come along with me and take a look at this weeks dinner plan by watching the video link below! 

See you next week! 

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