Whats for Dinner Week Nine

Lets roll out Week Nine with Dinner...............the table is set for Spring and I just loving seeing it everyday. 

Here is one of my favorite dishes and I love the fact that its healthy. Its my Hoisin Glazed Salmon. This also heats up great the next day if you pack it for lunch at work. The flavor is even better. 

This is the Dashing Dish Pizza Rollup with a side of rice and just know the side salad was on the side.:) We are trying very hard to get some type of fruit and/or vegetable in with every meal and we are doing a very good job with it. 

I love making my Sausage Breakfast Casserole because its so easy for Trey to heat up for breakfast the next morning. My family loves this on holidays but its one of Treys favorite dishes for during the week. 

I am so in love with the look of my table right now. Every other table setting has a pineapple sitting in the center of the plate. This was one of my favorite finds that Target has and you might be able to still find one if you look quickly. They are just amazing and there is the best smelling candle in the inside but I don't plan to burn my. 

I love when Eddie cooks for us because he just knows without me saying anything that I am overloaded. On this night he made one of my favorite dishes which is Green Pepper Steak. I have always said I will never brag about anything I have or own but that Eddie of mine................He is amazing!   Yes lets insert a picture of true love!

Amazing dish! 

I put this dish together because I wanted to try something new and it turned out very yummy. Its very simple. 
Step One: bowl bow tie pasta noodle as the box instructions call for. 
Drain and pour white Alfredo sauce over them. 
Grill or bake your chicken and cute into cubes. Coat with Texas Pete Hot Sauce lightly. 
Cook bacon and cut into bite size pieces. 
Have toppings like green onions and cheese. 
Layer everything and you are set. 

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