We Are Growing Up

Three years ago we had a school project to work on and while looking for a certain historical stone we snapped a very quick photo on the railroad track. The photo turned out amazing and we have now gone back for the past three years. Here is a look at the first photo. 

I love how this photo was not staged. I just picked up my cell phone and said, "Hey guys, smile." The photo was taken and now its our yearly event.

Here is a look at this years photo above. We have grown up a little. Life goes by so fast and you need to make sure you capture these moments. With a daughter that will be entering her senior year of college very soon and a son going into high school my biggest piece of advice would be that you should take time for the small things. 

1. Tuck your kids in at night for as long as they will let you. 
2. Go to the school and have lunch with them for as long as they will let you. 
3. Pack a note in their lunch to tell them how much you love them. 

I can not believe how tall Trey is now and we are only at 14. My goodness what does the future hold! He is training for football right now and I can't wait to see him running the field. 

Above is Trey on our first outing in 2014 and the below you will see him from yesterday. My little man is growing up. 






So here is another year come and gone and may our future be filled with many more blessings! 

Come along with us on this adventure by watching the video below. We had such a fun time. 

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