Salsa and Salsa Mexico Excursion While on Independence of the Seas

This had to be one to the days I was most excited about because I could not wait for Eddie and Trey to try the Salsa and Salsa excursion. I had the chance to take part in this excursion with Dallas on our Mom and Daughter cruise and we had a blast! 

Getting off the ship was very easy and Royal Caribbean does an amazing job with keeping everyone organized. We were ready to go and start exploring. 

The walk from the ship to the excursion area is always one I enjoy because the water is amazing. I also love to see all of the ships lines up, just stunning. 

I think someone has decided to take digital photograph next year instead of the choir!

This is a look at how the tables are set up as you enter. Everything is ready for the cooking and fun to begin. 

The view while taking part in the excursion was amazing. I found myself just staring out sometimes and wishing I had this view in my life everyday while working on something. How amazing. 

Look at my sweet boys in their hats and aprons ready to take part in the fun. 

Trey was nominated to be our table leader and he was such a good sport and took part in everything. He had such a great attitude and I love how much fun we had. 

They would come around and never let your drink get low. The strawberry daiquiri was very refreshing and yummy!

I received a certificate since this was my second time attending. It was such a fun treat. I have to tell you when we go back to Mexico this will be our go to excursion. It is just so much and and relaxing. 

Trey walked to the end of the pier to grab a couple of photos but I love that he still had his hat on!

I can not wait to make all of the different salsa dishes at home. They are perfect to go with fish and each one is so refreshing. 

This is our group photo and we had so much fun!

Then it was time for Trey and I to take our dance lessons. I was so happy he just jumped right in with me. 

We won for the "Most Fun" dance couple! I was so happy I think I gave a little scream!

After making salsa and taking dance lessons you can use the hotel pool which next time we will do. This time we wanted to go back and do a little shopping but the pool looks amazing.

The walk back is always a little sad because you know its time to leave Mexico and the fun you had for the day but we always say, "Until next time" just before we step on the ship! 

Want to really have fun then you have to click on the video link below to see all the fun we had! 

See you tomorrow!

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