Our Final Day on the Independence of the Seas

Well we have come to the final day on our cruise with Royal Caribbean on the Independence of the Seas. Wow did we have an amazing time! 

Each time we leave Mexico I always make sure I am on our balcony to take in the view because its just amazing. I always make sure I say, "Until next year!"

For dinner we ate at Chops again because we purchased the 3 meal package. Always be sure to check any specials your cruise might offer with buying dinners in a package. Each time I did this I received an onboard credit back. 

Would you look at that sky in the background, words do not describe how amazing it is to watch the sun go down in the middle of the ocean. To be with the love of your life is the cherry on top! 

Would you look at this guy, I can not believe I am about to have a senior in college and a freshman in high school. Where does the time go! 

Dinner was wonderful and here is a little look at dessert which we all really enjoyed. How do you always find room for dessert when you can not seem to take one more bite of dinner! 

This has to be my most favorite animal we have ever had made for us. Would you look at how he is wearing Eddie's glasses and has my camera sitting by him. I laughed so hard when I walked in and say him sitting there. I love when Eddie wears his glasses to see this little guy wearing them just touched my heart. 

This word is really what cruising is all about, escaping to Paradise! 

We made sure we took time to explore the ship and take it all in. This ship offers so many things for everyone in your family both young and young at heart. 

One of my favorite features was the way this deck came out like the front of a boat, kind of fits the theme right!

We took time to sit down and share a cupcake while having a hot tea in the middle of the afternoon which was so much fun. Anytime I can get away to sit and talk with Eddie makes for the perfect afternoon. 

One thing to remember that the bars are the best places to go during the day just to get away from the crowds. No one is ever in the bars at 2:00 in the afternoon. We always grab a coffee or hot tea and sit for an hour and just have the best talks. 

Our final dinner was great. Would you believe this was a cauliflower puree  and not mash potatoes. It was amazing and I can not wait to make this at home. 

We had such a nice time each night at dinner with no tv, no internet, and no cell phones!!!! 

Dessert was Key Lime Pie which happens to be my favorite!

A little after dinner shopping. 

One last look at our balcony which was amazing. I just can not wait to go on another cruise!

We have talked about it and I think we are going to go on the Oasis of the Seas again next time. We just can't get over how much we loved the Central Park feature. 

Be sure to take a look at the video below for a look into our final day! Until next year! 

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