New Year New You Series - March Book Review

This year I told myself I was going to make self-care more of a priority and part of that entails reading books that inspire me. I love reading books from an author that wants to live each day to its fullest. Yes, sometimes life might throw you a curve ball but its what you do with it that matters. 

I am looking for people that are like me and want to find the positive things in life and want more of it surrounding them. Also when I say, "more reading" I am including this as any audible book. Oh how I love my audible app. The very idea of listening to a book and taking a walk in the park makes me so happy! Multi-tasking at its best. 

Curious as to which books were on my list this from March? Scroll down and you will see. 

The first book is Dream It. Pin It. Live It. By Terri Saville Foy. 

This was a gift from a very sweet subscriber to my channel/blog. The first line on the back of the book cover had me- "Clarity about your dreams is the single most important step to success." 

This book helps you lay out your dreams and goals by putting them on a vision board you see daily. Now I know we have all heard about vision boards before but I love the way Terri shares the biblical reasons we should do this. I would highly recommend this book. It has already helped me in so many ways just in the first month of me using the practice. Love Love Love it! 

Its also important for me to add that you don't print things out and post them to a vision board and magic happens and you have a new car. This is about having a relationship with God and turning to him in prayer to see what He would want. If you want a new car you are turning to God to see if a new car is something you need and can afford. Then by placing the car on the vision board you are showing you trust in God that he can help deliver that vision. It also helps you to think in a positive way about the new car. You are not walking around telling your self that you could never have a new car because that is how your luck is. You should never be saying things like that to yourself. 

I find each day when I walk in a take a look at my board I get excited that these are my dreams and goals. I also thank God at the moment and let Him know I am believing him in. 

Oh how I love this book! 

My next book that I am also going to listen to for a 2nd time in March because I enjoyed it so much was Make It Happen by Lara Casey. 

This book was wonderful and talks about as women how we are always chasing perfection. You can never find peace with that but if you live on purpose things change. Even if you make mistakes they are covered in grace. 

I think this is a book for every woman out there because at some point we all all into that trap of thinking we are not good enough or we could never accomplish that goal we are going after. I also love how Lara uses scripture to reference back to how our goals can be accomplished. 

I just loved it and think we should all listen or read this. I am actually took this with me to listen to on the way to my blogging conference and loved it. 

I hope you enjoy this video below on more of my thoughts of both books. 

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