Lets Go Cruising || Day One

Let me just tell you that you could feel the excitement from miles away this past Thursday that it was finally vacation day. We started the morning very early as you can see with a 5:00am packing call. 

Knowing this weather was waiting on me gave me the energy I needed to keep pushing but just know we will never pack for a cruise they day we are leaving again. We just had so many things going on that it was literally the only time we could find. Thats why we needed a vacation! 

Then it was time to chill, then chill a little more, and oh did I mention we did a little chilling! We took a 5 night cruise on the Independence of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. 

When I saw this sign I just could not run fast enough in the direction the arrow was pointing. 

The room was just amazing and I have to say I am forever spoiled with the mirror, the drawers, the storage, the view and so much more! 

Then there was pizza.......of course there was pizza when it involves me! 

Can you believe the talent that someone has to carve these watermelons. I can barely cut my steak without moving it all over the plate but someone could do this magic! 

The view for dinner was everything I needed it to be to help me relax and unwind from my very busy word of craziness. 

For dinner I had a seafood soup as my starter. 

Main course and no I could not eat it all. I could have made this a meal for three days but it was very yummy! 

Dessert was a blueberry peach crumble with vanilla ice cream and it was so yummy! I wish I had more a I sit here and tell you about it. 

Eddie has a Baileys Cream Brûlée which he enjoyed. 

I love this and would you believe it is made from thread spools. I think it is so creative and overtime we walked by it I would take a minute to look at each color. 

After dinner I sat on our deck and it was fun to see this cruise ship just across from us. 

The view was amazing as the sun went down. Its times like this that I take in the quiet and have my best talks with the Lord. I never let a moment like this go by without saying a very special prayer of thanks for all of my blessings. Its a moment like this that you truly feel blessed! 

Come along and take a look at day one and join us in the journey. I have will all of the other days posted Monday- Friday this week so hold on tight! 

See you tomorrow for day two of all the fun and excitement. 

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