Giovanni's Table and a Look Into the Day

Welcome to Sunday Friends.......

Each time we go on a cruise I like to purchase something new and special to remember the trip and this time I found this amazing rose gold bracelet which matches my rose gold Apple Watch perfectly. I love my Apple Watch but sometimes I feel it needs a little "girly" touch added and this did just that. I also love that I didn't break the bank with this purchase. The bracelet is made from Swarovski Crystal. It was still a little more expensive than I would have wanted to pay but its as good as you can get with it not being real.

I tried to find a link to something as close to it as possible incase you also have the same rose gold watch and want to have this combo. Here is the link- bracelet

The dinning room was just stunning. I love the staircase which you can see in the center back of the photo. It was so elegant and we really enjoyed it. The relationship you build with the servers is something you will always remember. The way they remember your name, your favorite drink, and which bread you enjoy before your meal is so special. 

On the Independence of the Seas they made sure every corner was made to look amazing. The way they displayed every shelf was so nice. 

The Windjammer Dining Room was also very nice and had several choices to pick from for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The view was amazing and offered plenty of seating. 

For dinner we decided to go for the speciality dinning at Giovanni's Table which is an Italian style dinning. 

This restaurant made you want to bring all of your family and gather around the table and sit for hours while you enjoyed great home cooking food. Bring on the yummy goodies. Here is a look at the menu -here.

You could not ask for a better looking dinner date than this handsome boy! How blessed am I! 

This is my favorite appetizer and I actually came home last year and made this. Here is a link to to the recipe on my blog. Here.  I love these and they are so yummy. 

We all started off by sharing a Caesar Salad. Insalata alla Cesare:
Your choice of Romaine or Radicchio Caesar Salad.

The view was amazing as we sat and enjoyed dinner while the sun went down. It was simply breath taking. 

Trey and I ordered the steak. Its actual name is Filetto di Manzo alla griglia, patate fritte all’olio agliato, salsa al Barolo o Burro di Gorgonzola:

Grilled 8 OZ Beef Fillet tenderloin, garlic oil flavored fries, Barolo reduction or Gorgonzola butter.

Trey had the Gamberoni gratinati, patate agliate, asparagi e zucchini. Also known as:
Gratinated Jumbo Shrimps, tossed garlic potatoes, baby zucchini and asparagus.

Penne al Brandy, crema di gamberetti e salmone:
Penne pasta with Baby shrimps, smoked salmon and Brandy sauce .

This dish was great and its the Ravioli di Polpa di granchio:
Maryland Crab Ravioli, shrimps, chili oil and grape tomato sauce. 

Can you believe all the food they bring to the table. Everything is set up to be family style so you can share and everyone can have some of everything. Oh the pasta, pasta, and more pasta was amazing. 

How do you say no to dessert when this amazing cart is rolled right over to your table!!! Would you look at this, words can not describe how yummy and amazing it was. 

We all had the Tiramisu' all Giovanni. Its a Classic Italian Dessert of Mascarpone Mousse set amongst layers of coffee soaked biscuit. It was the best I have ever had to date in my life. Wow it was amazing. 

This was a Cannoli Alla Giovanni. 
Choice of Ricotta and Marsala or Chocolate Rum and Hazelnut filled Cannoli. This was my first time to have a cannoli and it was yummy.  

I loved coming back to the room each night and finding a fun new pet waiting on us. I think the reason I was so attached to them is because each one had Eddie's glasses on. 

This is the view that ended my night when I went back to the room to sit and enjoy the balcony. 

Come along and enjoy the day with us by watching the video link below. 

See you tomorrow for more fun and excitement. 

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