A Look into this Week

In this weeks post I am in full swing for vacation to start and wrapping up any last minute projects and things on my to-do list. I am also making sure I capture all the small things so I can be sure and share with you! It seems like a lot of times my eye catches things and I always think to myself how I wish everyone could see how cute something is. Well now I am working hard to make sure I capture it! 

While on the cruise I gave a lot of thought to the content for my blog and my Youtube channel and the list is laid out and ready! When I find a good blog that I enjoy I like to pop on for a quick look every 1-2 days so my hope is to also deliver that with my blog.

One of the things I am changing is I will now be sharing a meal plan and grocery store video together. This will help push me to plan out healthy meals. Eddie and I are ready for this life change and this is just what I need to do it. 

Then I will share my What We Ate video which will give you meal ideas for the entire day instead of just sharing our dinner. So the new format will be two different videos and I really feel it will be a fun new way to share. 

I am also going to put together a Weekly Look-Book as I share ideas on shopping my closet and in a separate post I will share a follow me around style video. I really like to keep my videos just at the 20 minute mark or less and this will help me accomplish that. 

I find that there are not to many things on tv that I enjoy and most of my viewing time is spent watching wonderful and fun ladies on Youtube that are sharing fun things or I sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy reading a blog. Of course when a blog has great photos its even better. I love how a picture can tell the story! 

This week I had so much fun wearing my new polka dot shirt. It is the perfect shirt to bring in Spring! It was my special Stein Mart find of the season. 

As soon as we returned from our cruise I packed up all of my Easter goodies so they will be ready for next year. I love how I had the chance to build my collect this year and these pieces will be with me forever! They are classic and simple yet fun!

Many of you asked what did I decide to do with the green leaf bowls. This year we spent Easter on the cruise but in the future I will be taking your advice and the bowls will be for butter which I will use a melon scoop so the butter is a round ball and the leaf bowl will hold them. Thank you for the great suggestions!

Take a look here as always for a fun look into the week! 

Now lets go cruising! Tonight I will be posting our cruise video series. I have five videos in the series and I am going to post them each day so you can enjoy them. I hope you have as much fun watching them as we had living them! 

See you tomorrow as I start sharing our cruise adventure! 

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