Whats for Dinner Week Ten

I just can not start this weeks dinner plan without starting off by mentioning my new pineapple items that I added to my dining room. They just make me happy every single time I walk by them. 

Trey wanted a Taco Pie and sometimes it can be very hard to find the kit with everything in it so I wanted to share that it is very easy to put together on your own. All that you will need is meat, seasoning, shells, and a jar of cheese. Just cook everything like you would for your taco shells but instead layer your pie. Then I top with cheese!

Monday morning coffee is always better when it is set out with all of your pretty things! 

We are trying very hard to get more fruits and vegetables in our diet plan. On this night I made premartinated chicken wings from Costco and added a delicious fruit salad. 
I also made one of my favorite treats which is hummus topped with feta and green onions. I like to eat it with Wheat Thins or Pita Chips. 

I enjoying making homemade pizza with the Flat-out break because it only has 90 calories. I love to use spaghetti  sauce and top with pepperoni and pineapple. 

This really is very fresh and healthy lunch or dinner. Its perfect when paired with a salad because its so light. 

Shrimp Taco night is always a huge hit for everyone in my house. 

While shopping at Costco recently I picked up this Peppered Beef from the PF Changs line. I do have to say it is not something I will purchase again because it was a little to spicy for me. 

The food might not have been my favorite but how amazing is this bowl! 

You Come along with me and take a look at this weeks dinner plan by watching the video link below! 

See you next week! 


Summer Dining Room Table Tour || Mother's Day

Give me a reason to put a table setting together and I am ready! Come along and take a look at my Mother's Day Table Decor. 

Lets start with my bar cart. I love the idea of using a bar cart for so many other ways other than its original use of a bar cart. It makes the perfect beverage station of any type. I put this tougher with so many items from the Target Dollar Spot. 

I love the look of the water bottles and the little gold basket from Target and with a price tag of $3.00 its perfect. I was just in Target again this week and they still had several of these. I also remember they had them last Summer so it seems like something they like to bring back often. 

One of the new additions I put in place this past year was a coffee station and I absolutely love it. There is just something about going to your coffee station to make a fresh cup of coffee that makes it taste even better!

This past week I stopped by World Market and feel in love this with hot tea cup which is an all in one set. I love the pattern and the look. I believe you should have things in your life that are pretty and make the day feel special. Make everyday special! 

My dish set is from Target last year and I have two sets of four and each set has four different plates in it which I love because it really adds style to your table. 

The pineapple candles from Target are my new favorite addition this year. I am so happy I was able to get my hands on four of them. 

I love adding small dishes like this one I picked up from Homegoods with the ruffles and at $3.99 its perfect to sit on the table and add that extra touch of pretty. 

This was another one of my favorite finds this year. When we took our recent cruise we stopped by a Homegoods and all three silver vases were in the clearance section for $5.00 each. I could not believe that amazing price and I had to pick them all up. 

My glasses are from the Pioneer Woman Collection from Walmart and you can find them online here

I actually find a reason to go around the long way in my home to the kitchen just so I can walk by my table setting and take it all in. 

Always make sure you check out the clearance section in Homegoods because I can not believe I found the silver vases for $5.00. I just love them! 

I hope you enjoyed a look at my Mothers Day table collection and what will also be my Summer Table Setting. Take a look below at the video below to see a walk through of everything. 

See you next time! 


Daily Meals on the Independence of the Seas with Royal Caribbean Cruise

When we get ready to take a cruise I seem to always go online and look for reviews of the food on the ship we would be traveling on. I never seem to be able to find out enough helpful information so my goal was to bring back information that you could use. We took a five day cruise on the Independence of the Seas and had a wonderful time. 

You will have to forgive me if I do not remember the exact names of each dish but at least you will have a good idea. These next four photos are from the first night. I started off with a seafood style soup that was ok. It is not something I would get again and I have to say that from the entire five day cruise it was the only item that I didn't love. If you can enjoy everything from all five nights than one item on the not so good list is a win. 

This dish was list as a Sirloin but we all know it is a prime rib. It was very good so I was fine with them calling it whatever they wanted. 

There is nothing better than a delicious apple crumble after dinner. Serve it with a fresh pot of coffee and its the best way to end dinner. 

Eddie had the Creme Brûlée which he enjoyed. 

The view was also wonderful no matter which restaurant we ate at each night. The view just always made the trip. 

Sunday was Easter and this is our second year in a row to take a cruise during Easter. I love how the cruise line goes all out to make Easter special. 

Here we are on day two for a special brunch for anyone in a Suite. The brunch was held in Chops Grille  and was so much fun to take part in. 

They even brought in the Easter bunny for us even though he was a little scary looking. Sorry but I had to say it.

The food during the brunch was amazing. From steak to scallops, to crab cakes everything was wonderful. 

This was the best dessert I have had in years! 

On our second night we had dinner at Giovanni's Table which is an Italian  family style restaurant. I always enjoy eating here. 

The view is always great and this appetizer below is one of my favorites. Its bruschetta bread with mozzarella wrapped with prosciutto. I loved this so much when we traveled on the Oasis of the Seas last year that I came home and recreated this dish. You can see my recipe here- link

The scallops are always very good and one of my favorites. I think I had some type of scallops each night. 

We all had the filet for dinner this night and it was very tender and cooked perfectly. 

Trey had the stuffed shrimp that were good but I would really recommend the steak over the shrimp. 

When it comes to the pasta you can have as many of them as you would like. We enjoy trying several of them. 

This was a Maryland Crab Stuffed Pasta dish that I really enjoy getting each time. I really recommend it. 

The desserts are amazing and ask for some of each. We each get something different and share and its so yummy. 

Each afternoon they brought us something yummy to the room and on this day we received a cheese tray.

One of the days we enjoyed lunch at Johnny Rockets with french fries, onion rings, and burgers. There is a charge of $6.95 per person but its all you can eat. Its a fun outing for that price. 

I am always up for a milkshake and every vacation should have one! 

For Dinner on our third night we ate at Chops Grille and its one of my favorite restaurants. When I think of going on a cruise the first thing I think about is booking my reservation. 

The view was amazing but the service was over the top. We had the best waitress and she treated us like such special guest. 

This has to be one of my favorite items I order on the each cruise and its the Mushroom Soup. All I can say is, "Wow." The flavor is amazing and if you like mushrooms than its a must try. Just writing about it now makes me want some. 

Trey and Eddie both ordered the Caesar Salad and the croutons are baked in butter. They tasted like a grilled cheese sandwich. The flavor was simply amazing. 

Eddie also had the Roasted French Onion Soup and he said it was very good. 

Then you have your second course and Trey ordered the Shrimp Cocktail. Its one of his favorites. 

Here we go with the scallops that are cooked in bacon and oh so yummy. 

This is the only item we have ever found that we really didn't like. Would you believe this is a very thick cut piece of bacon. It was ok but not something we would ever order again. 

Then there is the steak and all I can say is if you only received the steak and not the other four courses it would still be worth the $35.00. This steak has to be one of the best I have ever had in my life. You must visit this restaurant and have one of the steaks. 

The side dishes come out in a way that you can share with everyone at your table and I love that idea. The cream corn was so good that I am looking for the recipe to try and recreate this at home. 

Oh the view..........if I could just escape tonight and sit and enjoy this view again. 

For dessert I had the Mississippi Mud Pie and it was very good. 

Trey had the fresh baked cookies that come hot out of the oven and with a side of vanilla ice cream. 

Eddie enjoyed the red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. 

I had the Molten Lava Cake with homemade vanilla ice cream and a grilled banana which was wonderful. 

Eddie had a Huckleberry Cheesecake and this was my first time to try huckleberry and it was very good. 

There is a cute little cupcake shop on board and on our last night we stopped and purchased one to eat while we enjoyed a wonderful cup of tea. In the evenings before dinner we could get a cup of tea and find a nice quiet spot and just visit and talk. I love those times and they are even better with a cupcake! 

This scallop dish was the most amazing healthy dish I have every had. It looks like mashed potatoes under the scallops but is puree cauliflower and was simply amazing. I can not wait to try this at home. 

Trey enjoyed getting the Caesar Salad every single night. He is a huge Caesar Salad fan. 

I had the Pancetta with Pasta in a white cream sauce. It was good but I would have liked some grilled chicken on the top for a little more protein. As I type that I am thinking the same thing that I am sure you are thinking which is, "Why would I even worry about protein when I have eat like this for the past five days!" Its ok I said it for the both of us! 

The Keylime Pie is simply the best way to end any meal. I love how they pay attention to every detail all the way down to the chocolate shaving and the red berry hearts. It was even topped with a piece of lime candy which Trey enjoyed on my behalf. 

Be sure to take a look at my video that I summed up each meal on the cruise so you can really see how things were. 

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