Easter Dining Room Tour 2016

I am very excited that this year I found the perfect pair of bunny dishes that helped me grow my Easter collection. Each year I always keep an eye out for the french country elegant style bunny I wanted and this was my year to find it. HomeGoods had this in their collection and I just loved it the minute I saw it. I had to have it and picked up as many of the pieces as they had on the shelf. I find a lot of times with pieces from HomeGoods you have to purchase them when you can because once it is gone there is no more. 

I love how elegant the dishes look and I must share my very special trick with you. When I purchase new dishes like this I do not purchase the dinner plate which helps save me a great deal of money. That could be a savings of $6.00 to $10.00 a plate and with an eight top table that can get expensive very quickly. 

I only purchase the salad/dessert and place it in the center with my white gold rimmed plates. I still accomplish the beautiful look but save so much money. 

This year I added this pink drink holder that I found from Target in the Dollar Spot and it was $3.00. I love how I can place my mason jars for Root Beer Floats in it for dessert. The straws also came from the Target Dollar Spot. 

One of my favorite pieces that I have owned for several years is this little salt and pepper shaker set that I am not sure were I purchased from. I knew one day I would have the perfect collection to add him to and this year was his year. Its a perfect match! 

I also love this new addition with the gold basket from the Target section and it was $3.00. I love how it is dressed up and the gold color dresses up the area. I also picked up these water bottles to place in the basket because they are so pretty. 

I love the way the bar cart turned out. A bar cart can be used for so many more things other than serving alcohol drinks. You can get really creative with them.

I am on the hunt to find one more bunny. I picked this one up from Target and he was the only one sitting on the shelf. With a price point of $3.00 I just had to have him but now he needs a buddy so its a complete set. It matches my decor perfectly. 

Also new to my collection are the items on the top of the bar cart with the mugs and juice pitcher. I love how great it all looks and its so inviting ready for anyone to make a great cup of coffee. 

The glasses are also new to my collection and were a Christmas gift from my daughter this year. They are from the Pioneer Woman collection and I love them! She did an amazing job picking them out for me. 

The table runner is a new addition this year and was custom made by my mother. I think she did an amazing job and I just love them. My favorite part is how I can use them all Spring and Summer because I made sure I did not purchase bunny specific. 

The large serving bowls were so pretty that I had to use them as the center piece. I love the way it helped the table stay simple but elegant. 

These are sweet little bunny dishes I picked up from a high end boutique about 3 years ago when I went the day after Easter and found them for 60% off.

I hope you will take a few minutes and see the tour as close to in person as you can get with the video link below. I hope you enjoy.

Now I would love for you to leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Its so much more fun when we get the chance to chat after each post. See you next time.

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