Designer Blogger Conference | The Container Store Party

I am just not sure how much more fun we could actually fit into this event but they did it with this amazing trip to The Container Store. This was my first time to visit The Container Store and all I can say is, "WOW!"

I had so much funning walking around for 2 hours and taking everything in. Best of all, Eddie was with me as we looked at everything. I just did not know how much was out there that I needed! You can also see their website at The Container Store. 

I love this basket system and would use it in my laundry room. This really is on my with list. I think I like the idea of the middle one. It would be perfect to hold laundry detergent and fabric softens that are waiting to be used. Also dog food cans and extra water bottles. 

The white baskets with wood handles were so pretty and had to me one of my favorites. 

I could literally change every corner of my home with something new and fun. You just walk away with idea after idea on something new and fun. 

They were amazing in the way they hosted us with bringing out the wine and yummy treats. 

The amount of office supplies they had was amazing along with every color under the sun. You could stay inspired with everything they had to offer.

Oh the colors o the rainbow! You have to make sure you leave me a comment and tell me which color you like best and would it be a solid or print?

I just loved every closet idea they shared. I am ready to redo every closet space I have.

It was so much fun to be around so many amazing ladies that love to do the same thing I love which is to be creative and share with others. 

How much fun would it be to receive all of these little goodies one by one as a gift of your birthday. 

Then we found the gift wrapping stations and "oh my oh my" this is on my wish list. 

Of course each night when we finished our events I had to visit my favorite spot in the hotel right in front of the fireplace. 

Here is a look at the amazing tour to help you experience as much as the real thing as possible. I hope you enjoy and be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what was your favorite part. I was just amazed at how wonderful The Hyatt Hotel in Buckhead was. 

I will you see you tomorrow as I share the final day of this amazing conference that Design Blogger held. 

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