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Well here we are at our last day of the Design Blogger Conference and it was simply amazing! They put more into this three day event then I could ever have asked for. Next year it is being held in LA and right now I am not sure if I will be attending but you never know! When it does come back to Atlanta I can tell you without a doubt I will be there. I highly recommend this conference for any blogger no matter how far you are in the process. I had an amazing time and learned so much. It also gave me time to just get my thoughts and plan organized on what I want to do with my blog. I have already put so many changes in place as I am sure you can see. I love the look of my blog and just can not wait to keep bringing new things your way!

So of course we are going to start with our outfit of the day. I went with a black simple dress and scarf so I could be comfortable but ready to meet Mary McDonald. I just love her style and look. She is so funny in a sassy way which I think is awesome. 

Nathan Turner was our first Keynote Speaker of the day. He is very funny and I enjoyed everything he had to share. Here is a little background on Nathan for anyone that is not familiar. I have pulled this from his website. 

Deeply rooted in California heritage, Nathan Turner grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area surrounded by his large extended family. Nathan developed a taste for adventure after spending many weekends at his family's ranch in Northern California. He graduated from St. Mary's College of California with a degree in business and then lived abroad in France and Italy where he studied the area's language, art history, and honed his culinary skills.

After Nathan shared with us we were on our way to Pirch and all I can say is, "wow!" This store was simply amazing and to really understand what I mean you have to take a look at the video which I have at the end of this post. The used their model kitchens to actually cook lunch for us and the food was wonderful from Chefs that they brought in. Oh my oh my!!!

This room was my first stop and its the playroom for bathrooms. You can test out and play with everything to see if you like the way it is set up. You can actually reserve this room after hours and use the shower heads to see which one you like best. Now that is customer service at its best! 

I have to say the room above was my favorite spot in the store. The calming scent that filled the room was amazing and I wish I could have just bottled it up and brought it home. It smelt like a day at a spa. 

Above our photos from different kitchen areas. 

I loved this patio style room above and would love to have this outside my home. I would have dinner out there overnight. 

This was the pasta station where the chef made the most amazing over the top pasta dish for us with chicken and other wonderful things we could pick and choose for our plate. Simply amazing! 

The pizza ovens that were located around the showroom were wonderful and to have the chance to watch the chef place pizza's in and take them out with the large pizza paddle was great. He had to be very careful because the temperatures reached over 550 degrees. 

Every corner you turned was something new and fantastic to look at and put on your wish list. 

Below is one of the items that really made the cool factor for me. It is a salt block that you can put in the oven and cook with or use as they did here with stacking chocolate Carmel blocks on. You could actually taste a little of the salt on the bottom which was wonderful. 

After reaching lunch and have wonderful chocolate bites it was time to visit the coffee station they had set up for us. The had endless choices to pick from and he would make anything your heart desired. 

I loved the look of black with the white marble. It just made everything pop and looked stunning. 

The area that had the Nest Candles was so much fun to play in and I am now a huge fan of this candle and fragrance line. 

The idea that you simply pick up with glass dome and smell inside of the dome was genius. You could actually get such a clean scent and they all smelled amazing. 

On several of the walls they had these wonderful quotes that I loved reading. I have the hard copy they gave me of each quote listed on it and it sits at my work desk. 

There were so many wonderful treasures all through out the store and I loved each and every one of them. 

I love how they used stone to make many of the design pieces. 

Yes please I would love to take this sample kit home with me. What a great idea to put a small sample set like this together. 

Once we left Pirch we walked across the street to high end mall to hear Mary McDonald. I walked up to find a spot and WOW there she was. I was just took the jump and walked up and without even thinking about it I said like a star struck fan, "Hi Mary it would be the highlight of my trip if you would take a picture with me please oh please." Yes, I would not believe I said that either!!! 

She was so wonderful and gracious that she giggled and said she would love to. Here I am meeting Mary McDonald and to think I was just going to be happy listening to her speak and I walked away with a photo! My birthday trip was complete now. 

For a really good idea on what this day was like you have to take a look at the video below and enjoy! 

See you next time in the upcoming post! Have an awesome week and be sure to leave me a comment on what you thought about the Pirch Store and what picture you loved best from the store. 

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