Design Blogger Conference Day Two

Here is a look at Day 2 of our stay at the Hyatt Hotel while attending the Design Blogger Conference this past weekend. I am still on cloud nine from all of the activities. 

We started our first full day of class by having breakfast in the restaurant located inside the hotel. We had the best seat in the restaurant which was right by the window so we were able to see the Japanese Garden and waterfall. 

We had a mixture of very yummy items and we did not leave hungry. I have to say our seat was fit for a king and queen with the large back and we just loved it. 

I am one of those that notices every small detail and these miniature jellies and honey were just so cute. I have to see if I can find these in stores so I can use them for any type of brunch gathering in my home. Trey just loved them also. 

Trey found the perfect corner to sit and play his online games with his friends back home. What a view to have. 

We found that we always seemed to be right back in front of the fireplace after every meal. It was so cozy and a little hidden spot in the lobby. It was wonderful to sit back and reflect on the very busy day and what was to come next. 

Every corner of the Hyatt Hotel had a beautiful corner to sit and enjoy. The decor in the hotel was just amazing and I was always finding something new to enjoy. 

Then I was off to class as the boys went off to explore the City. I must tell you that every class had something wonderful to offer and I am still reviewing my notes to put new things in place. 

Instructor: Colleen Duffley

Colleen has been shooting people, places 
and things around the globe for 25 years. She
 shoots, directs, produces, and concepts for 
magazines, commercials and ad campaigns,
 but has never limited herself and has since 
developed plan b., or Studio b. rather.
Passionate for photography and getting a shot on film the
 way her mind sees it is her incessant challenge, and it’s 
what makes her still so in love with a career she started so 
many years ago. Light is her inspiration and what propelled 
her to become a photographer and what still motivates  
Colleen  today.

I loved everything Colleen shared with us and I will be putting many of the tips in place immediately. 

Then it was time for the evening reception where we had the opportunity to speak to several of the sponsors. I enjoyed meeting so many new people. 

Hello World Market! 

Then I met the ladies from At Home which is one of the stores I recently found and shared in one of my weekly vlog videos. 

Benjamin Moore had the cutest paint brush cookies for us and they were almost to cute to eat! 

Come along on the journey with me with the video below! 

I hope you enjoyed! 

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