Week One Outfit Post and Ideas

Lets take a look into this weeks outfits. My goal is for you to be inspired and shop your closet. Look for new ways to wear what you have. So many of my items are basis items that everyone has on hand. 

Everyone has a blue jean jacket and now is the time to pull it out and pair it with a white t-shirt and a scarf. You can wear white jeans, dark pants, and skirts for this look. 

Gray sweaters are the perfect item to have on hand. They make the perfect look with white dress shirts. Just pop the color and add a piece of statement jewelry. You will be set to go. 

One of my favorite looks is the winter cream sweater with white jeans. I love how fresh and crips it is this and it shows just why everyone should wear white in the winter. 

Take a look her for a peek into my week and a look at my outfits of the day! See you next time!

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