Week Four Outfit Ideas and Video Vlog

Lets look at this weeks outfits and be inspired! 

One item I recommend that you always have on hand in your wardrobe collection is a black turtle neck. This is the perfect piece to pair up with a scarf, tights and boots. I wear my black turtle neck with so many different pieces to get a different look. 

Sunday afternoon shopping is my favorite because it lets me get a fresh start on the week. I love being casual but still cute. Target is a great place to pick up cute sweaters at a great price. I love this gray piece a picked up a few months ago. Keep your eye out when you go into Target! 

Here is another Target secret.......I picked up this black t-shirt for $8.00! I simply paired it with black pants and a scarf. Just that simple to put an outfit together on a budget. 

I love wearing white in the winter. Here is a look at how good it looks with a black turtle neck and a pop of color with the scarf. I love how simply adding a scarf can give you a completely different look. 

Have fun on Fridays! I love this sweater I picked up at The Loft. Here is a great reason why you should have a few sleeveless turtle necks during the Winter months. 

I hope you enjoy this weeks video as I take you along, share ideas, and most importantly have fun! 

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