Refrigerator Organization Tip for Week Two

I am so excited to have you join me as I share a new tip each Monday to help this year be the best year possible for you. Its a New Year and there can be a New You! From the scale which was shared on week one to this weeks post of Organizing Your Refrigerator. 

I believe that before you can start eating clean you need a clean space to put your meals in. How many times do you just dread opening your refrigerator because of what you have in it. 

Lets make it fun to plan out meals and make your meals for the next day. 

I love opening my refrigerator and seeing everything organized and neat. This also helps me keep my grocery bill down because I am not buying double. I only purchase what I need. Best of all you can do this on a budget and not spend a lot.

My white containers came from Walmart and are 2 in a pack for $.97 each. They fit perfectly in several spots from the shelf to the drawers. 

The green bowl is how I lay out the next nights dinner. This keeps the area clean and safe. You never want fish or chicken liquid sitting out. 

Most reports will tell you that left overs do not need to be kept for more than 3 days but I usually try to stick to no more than two. Also do your research on how long you should keep lunch meats open. 

I stop by the grocery store about 2-3 times a week because I like to have a lot of fresh ingredients on hand. 

I place my juice in separate containers because the original containers can take up so much room. I simply place them in the door which is a big space saver. You can pick these up at HomeGoods, Target, or Walmart. I paid $3.99 for the two you see here. Also be sure to keep water on hand.

Also be sure to keep the outside wiped down. Sometimes the kiddos no matter their age can get all types of things stuck on the outside! Ok, that includes my sticky fingers. :)

I hope you enjoy the video below and take away lots of ideas that can help you as you organize your refrigerator!

See you next time! 

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