New Year New You | Tips on Your Daily To Do List

I am really excited to share this tip with you! Its not something new but it is something that works for me and I use everyday. Here is a look at my tip for week 4 in our New Year New You Series! 

How do you stay organized? Do you use a planner, a notebook, iPad? I use all three depending on what I am doing. For work to keep up with my schedule I use a digital format but my personal life with my Blog, Youtube channel, workouts, and meal planning I use my planner. 

I love Sunday mornings when I can sit down and just plan my week   out and its always the chance for a new fresh start. Usually on Sunday mornings I get up before my husband and son and have that first cup of coffee. I review emails and start planning. I plan the week, the day, and my grocery list. Meal planning is in full swing during this time. 

My tip this week is one that really does help me make things happen. Its the To- Do List! When you make a list each day it should only have about 5 big items listed. That doesn't mean you only do 5 things during the day but list the 5 things you want to make sure you get done. 

Also be sure to do the hardest items first if possible. This is important for several reason but the two most important reasons are: It takes the weight of that items off your shoulders for the day and you can really focus on it.

Find ways to use creative and fun notecards. I print mine from a monthly subscription at Paper Works linked here. You can also find notecards in the $1 section of Target and the $1.50 section at Michaels that are lots of fun. 

I find if I make it fun its something I always want to stay on top of and do. I love all the fun colors and the chance to be creative each time with a different note card. 

Take a look here at my video on how I use my Notecards each day. I hope you enjoy and be sure to leave me a comment on what works best for you!

See you next time! 

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