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Ok what a fun week! So much going on as you can see from all of my previous post. I am so excited about what this year has in place for me. My Blog and Youtube has really taken off and I am so happy I have had to opportunity to connect with so many of you. I am really excited about taking it to the next level and attending a couple of conferences in the near future. 

Since it has taken off I have to stay organized and my Plum Paper Planner helps me do that and these new markers are amazing. I love labeling everything in different colors. I can see my blog post needs and my youtube needs as everything is in a different color. 

The cost is about $11.00 for the packet which is just over $1.00 each. I think thats a great price for all the colors and quality. 

I had a party this week I helped put together for work. One of my favorite parts was picking out the flowers and of course we went with my favorite! 

I also had fun playing with all of the Mardi Gras mask since it is that time of the year! 

The flowers were all just amazing and so pretty. I could pick up fresh flowers every week to keep on hand in my home and enjoy. 

I had the chance to visit Dallas this week and really enjoyed our dinner together. She is such an amazing young lady and I am one proud mom! 

All I can say is I love my job and the fun people I work with! 

I made the flower arrangements above and I am so proud with how they turned out! I just love them. 

Such a fun group of co-workers and friends!

I was very excited that I had the chance to bring home some of the flowers after the party. They look amazing on my table! 

I had such a fun date night with Eddie. I love that he knows how much I enjoy my blog and we sit in Starbucks and visit while I work on it. 

To end this post I am going to share just a few more pictures form the event. 

Take a look here at the video and enjoy the fun with us! See you next week. 

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