Fall Outdoor Porch Brunch Ideas

I decided to welcome Fall with a Saturday morning brunch on my back porch. Here is a little peak into the set up. 

I was very excited to use my new coffee carafe that I picked up last week at Target on clearance. I also picked up the orange tray that was part of the matching plaid collection they offered this year. I have so many ideas on how I would like to use each piece. 

This is a slate leaf that I picked up from Crate and Barrel about two weeks ago and its still available on their website now. Its actually on clearance which is a better price than I picked it up for. I have to say that its one of my favorite new additions for Fall. 

I love the look of my patio table. Its ready for to sit down and enjoy a wonderful brunch that I prepared. The key is.......EASY RECIPES! Everything that I put together was so easy to make but its the little touches that made my family feel special.

You can dress up a look just by adding touches of gold through out your pieces. From this lid to the plates just a touch of gold helps to give this rustic look a dressy look. 

Now lets talk food! 

The key to make this easy was making recipes that could be be together quickly. Then using my favorite serving platers to dress them up. `

Below you can see the Cinnamon Rolls from the can that you make in the waffle maker and its my families new favorite! So easy and so yummy! I will be posting the recipe on my blog right after this post. 

I love this potting bench that I purchased from Walmart.com and best of all I used my Walmart app that you scan your receipts to after each purchase. If someone else beats their price you get money put in your app to turn into a Walmart gift card. Well over a 10 month period I saved up $98.00 and this bench was $99.00 with free shipping so I only paid tax!!!

I love to place my condiments in special ramekins instead of just placing the bottles on the table. This is such an easy way to make your guest feel you put out extra special touches. 

I love this arrangement that I picked up from Hobby Lobby. The silver tin was purchased from Target in the $3.00 section. Fun story, I actually found this on a business trip and stuffed it in my suit case to fly back home. I had to have it! 

The Give Thanks sign on the top is from Kirklands. I purchased it just this week on clearance with their 75% off fall sale. I love how it fits perfectly with my theme. 

Take a look below at my video from my Youtube channel on a look into our day. I hope you are able to take away ideas on how you can put this together. 

See you next time as I work to bring ideas your way! 

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