What We Had For Dinner | Week 9 Recipe Links

Let jump right in and look at what was for dinner this week! 

Day 1
Handmade Cheese Ravioli Recipe link here
Caesar Salad

Day 2
London Broil Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe link here

Day 3
Campbell's Crockpot Roast Recipe link here

Day 4
Pineapple Salsa Tilapia Recipe link here
Sweet Potato Wedges Recipe link here

Day 5
Grilled Marinated Chicken 
Russet Potato Wedges

Take a look below at my weekly meal video.

I hope you enjoyed a look into this week! I am having fun sharing with you what we have each night but also how I make extra to take for lunch. You can save so much money by bringing your lunch to work each day! See you next week.

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