Halloween Series | Monster Bash Popcorn and Broomsticks

I am having so much fun sharing this Halloween Series for 2015! I have one more after this so I hope you have had the chance to take them all in. If not I would really recommend going back and viewing them all. 

My family really enjoyed this one because after it was complete they were able to eat the work! Having a family movie night wrapped around Halloween was so much fun. This will be something we do every year and for every holiday! 

You will be able to see in my video at the bottom of the page how to make these adorable Witches Broomsticks. They are so easy to put together and look so cute sitting out as a Halloween themed treat. 

The Monster Bash Popcorn was amazing and so easy to make. It also saves really good and makes a perfect mid-night snack. Who know adding white chocolate and Oreos to popcorn would be so amazing! 

The table set up just looked perfect and went great with my theme. I love adding special touches to make the night special. 

Just adding ribbon can even bring it up to the next level. You can always find ribbon on sale at locations like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. 

I picked up all of my pumpkins that you see on my table at Target this year. Run out quickly before they sell out. 

I had so much fun sharing this idea with you and again be sure to check out all of my videos for the Halloween ideas. 

Take a look at my video here to see more details! 

See you with my next tutorial! 

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