Grilled Panini Sandwich Recipe

I had to share one of my favorite Panini Sandwiches! This is so easy to put together and you can have it on the table for your family in no time. It works best if you have a Panini maker but if you do not then no worries. You will just sit something heavy on your sandwich while it is cooking to help flatten it. 

Here is what you will need:

London Broil Meat from Publix Deli
(If you do not have a Publix then you can use any type of Roast Beef sandwich meat.)
Horseradish Cheese from Publix Deli
(Of course you can use any cheese but the horseradish cheese really makes it)
A thick grain mustard
Sprinkle a little olive oil on top before cooking because this will help brown the tops. 

Thats it and its amazing! This sandwich is really great with the type of meat and cheese I mentioned so if possible you will want to try and find it. Really takes it over the top! 

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