Come Fly With Me Including Vlog Video!

I love to share a look into my daily life from DIY projects, to recipes, to travel. This week I flew out of town to Minneapolis on business and thought I would bring you along. The best part is the video below so you can actually go along with me!

On my first day I experienced my first time of actually missing a flight. I have had flights canceled but never had the door shut as I was running to it as fast as I could and that happened on this trip! Our first flight was late so it caused us to miss the next flight but they did give us a free lunch for PF Chang. I had my favorite lettuce wraps which are so good! I have to recreate this recipe!

The weather was very raining but I love this type of weather when flying because you never have to step out in it. I think it makes for such a cozy curl up in your seat kind of flying!

I was so excited that all of my flights had a window seat but would you look at the view with this window.....hello Mr. Engine! So much for the view!

This hotel was beautiful and reminded me of a hotel from a 1950's movie. The downtown area was just beautiful and I loved the look of everything. I wish I had more time to visit several of the church sites.

This had to be the best burger I have ever eaten. Pepper Jack Cheese with Mushrooms!!!!

Look at this sweet treat my waitress sent with me to enjoy back in my room. It was amazing!

The next night we had dinner at the MN Club and its one of my favorite buildings. I love the look with the green vine growing on the building. 

The inside was amazing, take a look at the table settings and the view.

The Creme Brûlée was amazing for dessert.  

Flying home was just amazing as I watched the sun go down. Is there anything better than this view......GOD IS GOOD!

Almost home! 

Take a look here for a video view of my trip! I love traveling and sharing it with you!

See you next time! 

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