Whats for Dinner Series | Week 8

Hello and welcome to my blog! Lets start out with the fact my blog has a new look, so what do you think?

I felt like it was time to give it a new and fresh look. Funny part is I am getting my hair cut tomorrow and going with the same thought. Something new and light so we will see!

This week when I did have a free minute I went straight to my favorite spot and worked on my upcoming blog post for October. I am so excited about what I will be sharing with you for Halloween!

This is a post for week 8 of my weekly series and it was a little different than normal. Our week was all over the place from school events, late nights at the office, night time events, and more. I focused on a few of our meals and I have added a look at what is for lunch.

I still think the most important part to keep track of your meal plans is to log it in a book. I find some weeks I can come up with really creative meals and then some days I feel like I have never cooked a meal in my life. If I go back and look at my notebook I can find inspiration for ideas.

This week I shared in my video a look at my Buffalo Crockpot Chicken. Here is what you will need and be sure to watch the video link so you can make it!

Boneless chicken breast
Buffalo Hot Wing Sauce
Ranch seasoning packet
Ranch dressing
Soft Taco Shell

My video will give you step by step directions and its perfect to take to work for lunch.

I hope you enjoy this weeks video! Be sure to check back from my Halloween Series that starts tomorrow!

I have to leave you with this photo I took today. How cute is he?

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