Spend the Weekend With Us

Come spend the weekend with us as we celebrate some fun achievements! We had so much fun we just could not help but share! 

First on the list are a couple of pictures from my favorite spot that I get to visit when I go across the Bay. 

This tree is one of my favorites. It looks like the Tree of Life in Disney World!

Of course the flag flying with the water in the back ground is perfect. If you look to the right of the flag you can see the downtown skyline.

Then we are on to Trey's big news! He received the 2015-2016 Red Ribbon Leadership Award from his school. He was the 8th grader chosen for this honor. 

We went shopping this weekend while Dallas was in town for her 21st Birthday and I love this new sweater he picked out. This is his model look! 

Here is a picture of Dallas and I just before dinner. 

Trey and against the horse in HomeGoods! He always keeps me laughing. 

How about that frying pan! Steaks and potatoes anyone?

I love these pictures of Dallas, Trey, and I. It was wonderful having my kids together this weekend and I took in every minute of it. 

Here is a look at all the shrimp boats outside the Hard Rock Hotel. Wow, there were so many!

Time to enter into the Hotel and I love how every door has guitars.

Happy Birthday to Dallas! 

Love love love this guy! 

It was amazing seeing the sun set as we were leaving. Just beautiful! 

I had so much fun getting one last shot with a time lapse. I love capturing these on my Go Pro anytime I can.

Take a look at our day out with the video link below from my Youtube channel but be sure to subscribe so you never miss out!

See you next time!

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