Spend Friday With Us & Shopping Hauls

Come spend the day with us!

Eddie and I took Friday off and had one of those days where you just walk around the town and take time to smell the flowers! Yep, it really was that wonderful. 

We started the day with grabbing lunch. I wanted sushi so we went to this great restaurant that makes all types. It feels a little strange to say we went to have sushi when it was all cooked. I will not eat raw sushi.

Humor me for a minute but I looked up the definition of sushi since I do not eat any type of raw food.

  1. a Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg.

It seems like there should be a different word for people like myself that eat only cooked sushi----What should that word be? Something to think about!

Well, back to lunch. It was great and look at the cute butterfly carrot. I love attention to details.

My cooked Sushi that Eddie and I shared !

Then after a day of shopping we watched the sun set at the Fairhope Pier. It was beautiful so make sure you take a look at my video below to see for yourself. 

I think this was my favorite picture I took. Look how the sky just looks painted. All I can say when I see this picture is, "God is good."

Can you believe my camera took this photo at night in the dark. I do love my camera, its the Canon G7X and worth every penny.

The water fountain was so pretty and the flag was blowing in the background which you will also see in the video. Perfect setting for Labor Day Weekend.

I feel in love with this little Christmas store. It really put me in the Christmas spirit. We only have 3 months until Christmas!!! Wow, where has the time gone.

Ok, now for the fun part! Be sure to click the link below and watch all the fun. We went shopping at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and HomeGoods. You can see everything I picked up in the video link. We had such an amazing day together. I hope you enjoy and see you in my next post!

See you next time with more fun adventures! 

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