Grilled Chicken Bacon Panini Sandwich Recipe

I recently made a Grilled Chicken Pepper Jack Cheese Panini Sandwich and it was amazing! My family really enjoyed it and its on our "Keep List." You can make this on the Panini Grill or in a pan and just add additional weight to flatten it.

Here are the steps you will need to make this great sandwich.


Bread of your choice. I like a think bread so after its flattened it still holds up.
Pepper Jack Cheese slice or your choice
Grilled Chicken Breast pre cooked and sliced thin

Layer all items and cook on your Panini Grill. If you do not have a Panini Grill place in skillet and put a heavy weight on sandwich to help flatten.

I sprinkle a little olive oil on the top of my bread before cooking to add a little crispy texture to my bread.

Let me know if you have a chance to make this! Enjoy!

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